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The Vitality of Intermodal Transport

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„I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. It is exceedingly informative and reads extremely well, it has a logical structure throughout and also for me a lovely rhythm and pace.“ Dr Simon Templar, Visiting Fellow, Cranfield Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University, United Kingdom. “During more than 40 years of engaging with European and global intermodal transport I have seen its development with all the ups and downs that belong to a shift from traditional unimodalto intermodal transport. That most necessary shift in supply chain execution is still going on and it is even more critical in today's world! 'The Vitality of Intermodal Transport' is an important book that gives insight, inspires and provides a clear roadmap to deal with the challenges of supply chain optimization in all its aspects.” Koert van Wissen, BU Director of Den Hartogh Logistics, the Netherlands and (retired) CEO of InterBulk Plc, United Kingdom.
Datumnovember 2018
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