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Roses of the Alcázar

A Rose Garden in Seville

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Roses of the Alcázar, a rose garden in Seville is a must read for everyone who loves the beautiful city of Seville in Southern Spain. Barbara Bahtiar, author of Rose Petals and Tea Leaves, roses of the Alhambra and other stories guides us through beautiful places in Seville, such as the old tobacco factory, the Alcázar palaces and its rose garden, the gardens of the Alcázar and the beautiful Parque de María Luisa. By fully using her imagination authentic images of Seville and its history are created. She tells us about a Moorish girl in the rose garden of the Alcázar, about Catherine of Aragon and her sisters and brother and about a gypsy girl very close to her heart dancing to flamenco music in La Triana. Still admiring the Summer Palace in Granada and its beautiful gardens, Roses of the Alcázar, a rose garden in Seville celebrates the beauty of both rose gardens, the rose garden of the Alcázar in Seville and the rose garden of the Alhambra. The book is dedicated to all those who love Seville and often visit its beautiful gardens and historical places. Remembering its past times the book is full of lovely colour photo's of beautiful Seville. May the book touch your heart and soul.
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