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Rad Rides

The Best BMX Bikes of All Time

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BMX bikes are iconic. There's something about them that appeals to kids, adults and cyclists. And, of course, BMX is now an Olympic sport. Rad Rides is the most in-depth exploration of the world of BMX bikes through their riders and the culture that surrounds them. The introduction explains and contextualizes the birth of BMX culture and where it is now, while the main body features bikes ranging from those that are well-worn through years of riding to beautiful, sculptural works of art – gleaming, built-but-never-ridden keepsakes. The featured bikes are organized decade by decade and are BMXs drawn from the best collections in the world. There are also in-depth details of specifications and interviews with some of the collectors, many of whom have had their bikes exclusively shot for the book. This is the indispensable companion for anyone who loves the BMX.
Datumjanuari 2012
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