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The olive oil masterclass

Lessons from a professional olive oil sommelier

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Olive oil is one of the healthiest and oldest oils and its use is increasing worldwide. There is so much that can be said about it, and yet so little is known about it. It is high time to change this and to promote appreciation for olive oil.In her book, The Olive Oil Masterclass, olive oil sommelier Wilma Van Grinsven-Padberg shares her knowledge about and love for olive oil. The book describes her quest for answers to all the questions she and others had: How is olive oil made and how many varieties are there? Is there such a thing as olive oil fraud? How should you taste and use olive oil? How do you recognize a good olive oil? And a bad one?All this and much more can be found in this book, supplemented with some delicious and surprising recipes!
Datumfebruari 2019
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