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M O R® Risk Management Foundation Courseware – English

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Besides the M_o_R Management of Risk Foundation Courseware - 2010 Edition English (ISBN: 9789401803960 ) publication you are advised to obtain the corresponding publication Management of Risk: Guidance for Practitioners - 2010 Edition (ISBN: 978 0 11 331274 0). M_o_R Foundation Certifications is suitable for individuals wanting to demonstrate they have achieved sufficient understanding of the M_o_R methodology. M_o_R is an Enterprise wide risk management methodology, based on ISO 31000;2018. The method provides practical guidelines and (managerial) structures for controlling risks in organisations. M_o_R is directed at 4 levels: strategic, programme, project and operational level. M_o_R describes all activities necessary to regularly and integrally identify, quantify, address and control risks that influence organisational objectives. It also provides a score of relevant management documents to support the approach and an extensive list of techniques to help execute the activities. Key benefits: A certain amount of risk taking is part of any organisation's activity in meeting its objectives. Risk management can contribute to: • Improved decision making and less (unexpected) surprises; • Improved corporate governance by improved decision making and compliancy; • Reduction of fraud, more efficient and effective management and extra value for money; • Innovation; • Improved Business Continuity Management. This Courseware is suited to prepare for the M_o_R 2010 Foundation exam.


M_o_R® Foundation PowerPoint slides M_o_R® Foundation assignments M_o_R® Foundation Examination Sample Paper 1 Question Booklet M_o_R® Foundation Examination Sample Paper 1 Answers and Rationales M_o_R® Foundation Examination Sample Paper 2 Question Booklet M_o_R® Foundation Examination Sample Paper 2 Answers and Rationales M_o_R® Foundation Syllabus
Datumfebruari 2019
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