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A licence to play

Repositioning procurement in the business environment

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Sheep live in a flock. They don't stand out, they all move in the same direction. A licence to play offers a practical handbook on how to create business impact through procurement. It shows the leaders of tomorrow how to stand out from the crowd. Today's world is disruptive and moving at an ever accelerating pace. Therefore, tomorrow's reality needs procurement innovators, allowing companies to stay afloat in this rapidly evolving reality, while avoiding COmpany MAlfunction. This is not a procurement handbook, but a management handbook that takes the procurement vantage point, giving the reader 'a licence to play' in order to create business impact and survive. If you are a 'red monkey', you will need to play an increasingly important role and make the most of every opportunity, learning from the experiences of others, developing new common behavior that will benefit us all. A licence to play offers the stepping stones to get there, through real life examples, mistakes and success stories. Stand out, leave the flock.
Datumapril 2018
Afmetingen247x175x18mm (hxbxd)
Gewicht548 gr
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