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Images of Immigrants and Refugees

media Representations, Public Opinion and Refugees’ Experiences

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The topic of migration has become particularly contentious in national and international debates. Media have a discernable impact on overall societal attitudes towards this phenomenon. Polls show time and again that immigration is one of the most important issues occupying people's minds. This book examines the dynamic interplay between media representations of migrants and refugees on the one hand and the governmental and societal (re)actions to these on the other. Largely focusing on Belgium and Sweden, this collection of interdisciplinary research essays attempts to unravel the determinants of people's preferences regarding migration policy, expectations towards newcomers, and economic, humanitarian and cultural concerns about immigration's effect on the majority population's life. Whilst migrants and refugees remain voiceless and highly underrepresented in the legacy media, this volume allows their voices to be heard. Contributors: Leen d'Haenens (KU Leuven), Willem Joris (KU Leuven), Paul Puschmann (KU Leuven/Radboud University Nijmegen), Ebba Sundin (Halmstad University), David De Coninck (KU Leuven), Rozane De Cock (KU Leuven), Valériane Mistiaen (Université libre de Bruxelles), Lutgard Lams (KU Leuven), Stefan Mertens (KU Leuven), Olivier Standaert (UC Louvain), Hanne Vandenberghe (KU Leuven), Koen Matthijs (KU Leuven), Kevin Smets (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Jacinthe Mazzocchetti (UC Louvain), Lorraine Gerstmans (UC Louvain), Lien Mostmans (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), and François Heinderyckx (Université libre de Bruxelles)


Chapter 1. Images of Immigrants and Refugees in Western Europe : Media Representations, Public Opinion, and Refugees’ Experiences Leen d’Haenens and Willem Joris Part I – Policy on migration and integration in Europe Chapter 2. Migration and integration policy in Europe: Comparing Belgium and Sweden Paul Puschmann, Ebba Sundin, David De Coninck, and Leen d’Haenens Part II – Media representations Chapter 3. The Refugee Situation as Portrayed in News Media : A Content Analysis of Belgian and Swedish Newspapers – 2015-2017 Rozane De Cock, Ebba Sundin, and Valériane Mistiaen Chapter 4. Depiction of Immigration in Television News : Public and Commercial Broadcasters – a Comparison Valériane Mistiaen Chapter 5. Agency and Power in the Dutch-Language News Coverage of the Summer 2015 Refugee Situation in Europe: A Transitivity Analysis of Semantic Roles Lutgard Lams Chapter 6. A Diverse View on the Promotion of Tolerance and Cultural Diversity through the Eyes of Journalists: Focus on Belgium and Sweden Stefan Mertens, Leen d’Haenens, Rozane De Cock, and Olivier Standaert Part III – Public opinion Chapter 7. Discordance between Public Opinion and News Media Representations of Immigrants and Refugees in Belgium and Sweden David De Coninck, Hanne Vandenberghe, and Koen Matthijs Chapter 8. Online News Consumption and Public Sentiment toward Refugees : Is there a Filter Bubble at Play? Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Sweden: A Comparison Stefan Mertens, Leen d’Haenens, and Rozane De Cock Chapter 9. The Effects of Dominant versus Peripheral News Frames on Attitudes toward Refugees and News Story Credibility Willem Joris and Rozane De Cock Part IV – Refugees’ experiences Chapter 10. Beyond Victimhood : Reflecting on Migrant-Victim Representations with Afghan, Iraqi, and Syrian Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Belgium Kevin Smets, Jacinthe Mazzocchetti, Lorraine Gerstmans, and Lien Mostmans Conclusion François Heinderyckx List of authors
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