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How to become the best Online Marketeer

The Ultimate Branding Strategies for a company, person or brand.

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Online Marketeer, it is 1 of the most cumbersome professions in the Netherlands. An online marketer can deal with so many aspects that it is actually impossible that only 1 person does marketing for your company. Even a team of 5 people is too little to dominate your market. What can you do and what do you outsource? Can you no longer do it yourself or should you outsource everything better? In the workshop with Rick Hermanussen on location you learn what you need to get more done with fewer people in the field of online marketing. By buying this book you will get the ***** free VIP workshop with Rick Hermanussen ***** and we will dive deep into your market. How are we going to make your company more distinctive, more fun, more attractive to work for and, above all, how you can take care of yourself (possibly with your marketing team to take Online Marketing to a higher level).
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