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Fabulously Fruity

Great pastry starts with great fruit

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There's a revolution happening in fine pastry. Chefs are becoming stars of Instagram and their creations delight the eye as much as the taste buds. Meanwhile, recipes are becoming lighter and more sophisticated with an emphasis on intense, natural flavours. Willem Verlooy is a young pâtissier with a passion for creating original, delicious pastry using only the best ingredients. For Willem, the authentic taste of natural fruit is at the heart of his recipes - and he demands the very best variety and quality. Crop's began over forty years ago, a small family business with a passion for fruit and an eye for excellence. Today, Crop's grow fruit in the best climates and soils all over the world, harvesting at peak ripeness and using the most advanced flash freezing to lock in all the flavour and nutrition.
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Datumseptember 2018
Afmetingen287x215x18mm (hxbxd)
Gewicht714 gr
UitgeverReality Bites Publishing

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