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Dietetic Pocket Guide Paediatrics

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The Dietetic Pocket Guide Paediatrics is designed to help dietitians and clinicians working with paediatric patients in all care settings, to complete a full dietetic assessment and diagnosis. This guide contains a wealth of relevant information, tests and criteria in 9 chapters that cover nutritional status and assessment, body composition and anthropometric measurements, energy and protein requirements, macro-and micronutrients, disease specific classifications, gastrointestinal tract, digestion and absorption, laboratory values, medicationnutrient interactions and other outcomes for the assessment of a paediatric patients' somatic, functional, psychological and social status. The Dietetic Pocket Guide Paediatrics has been developed by a group of international PhD-dietitians to support an evidence-based and uniform approach to dietetic diagnosis. It is linked to the website where you can find additional resources. It belongs to a series of dietetic pocket guides.


Datumjuni 2019
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