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Deep Time

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Photographer Lynn Alleva Lilley continues her interest in the confluence of art, science, and the natural world with 'Deep Time'. For a number of years she photographed the interplay of light and water in Delaware Bay, mostly during the summer. Seeing stray horseshoe crabs washed ashore was a familiar sight, but one day for the first time she saw one swimming on its back. Fascinated by this observation, she started exploring the world of this 450-million-year-old “living fossil”. The result is this immersive book in which she poetically captures the beauty of our planet and the mysterious life of the horseshoe crab, pondering our place in time and evolution among life forms.
Datummaart 2019
Afmetingen288x205x25mm (hxbxd)
Gewicht883 gr
UitgeverThe Eriskay Connection