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Change 3.0

seven essential principles for organisational change from within

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What can you do to make organisational changes successful, creating change that will last, without the constant need to draw it out of people? How do you engage people in change processes without becoming directionless? This book answers these questions by focusing on letting changes emerge from within, using clear frameworks and the knowledge of how behaviour (and particularly group behaviour) changes naturally. In this way, you can work on creating sustainable change. In this book, you'll learn how to use people's innate potential to change for organisational change. The book's authors developed the model presented here based on many years of facilitating changes from within working with a broad variety of organisations. They've called this approach Change 3.0. Finally, a changed approached to change, taking in the challenges and reality of today's world. Change 3.0 takes form in the seven essential principles explored in-depth in this book, including many examples and case studies showing how this works in practice, as well as practical challenges for you to try out in your organisation. The cover of this book is mainly white, giving you the space to visualise your own desired outcome. In the end, Change 3.0 starts with you! Wendy Nieuwland has facilitated organisations and teams to realise changes together since 1997, using her background in communication science (information studies), languages, sociology and psychology. With a good dose of pragmatic creativity, bringing things back to the essence and the necessary levity even when confronting the brutal facts, she guides organisations in finding their own unique answers to the challenges they're facing. Maaike Nooitgedagt started her career in 2001 as a clinical psychologist, then retrained as a leadership trainer and consultant a few years later. She uses this combined knowledge when facilitating organisational changes. With her sharp eye for patterns and knowledge of the background of human behaviour, she creates the conditions to let change emerge from within. The authors work as organisational change facilitators both in the Netherlands (Gewoon aan de slag) and internationally (Change 3.0).
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