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23 Innovations in Digital Communication

Move Beyond Speculations and Master Mediated Communication

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23 Innovations in Digital Communication describes, criticizes and evaluates 23 digital innovations that are used in media and communication. Innovations that are not hypes, but that were implemented to reach permanent changes in media and communication. The innovations are supported by testimonials of professionals in the field and the scientific foundation of their mechanism of action. The impact and professional, scientific and social challenges coming with these innovations are discussed. Reading this book will render deep insights into how innovative digital media can be used to influence buying behaviour and decision-making. This book answers questions such as “How do I create a strong brand story?”, “What are the effects of serious gaming?”, “How can we use VR in our communication?”, “How do consumers process emotional stories?” and “Is persuasion profiling unethical?”. The answers to these questions are not only based on the authors knowledge and research, but each innovation is also discussed by top experts on that specific innovation.
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